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An outdoor outing riding rental emtb in the province of Bergamo

Riding an ebike you can discover new places to explore and experience a unique adventure. Take routes you didn’t think you could take, go faster, farther in a completely environmentally friendly and healthy way.

That’s why we went to discover a beautiful landscape among the Orobie Mountains in the Alta Valle Seriana in the province of Bergamo, riding our rented e-bikes.

A beautiful and very varied e-mtb tour with a choice of terrain with departure from Parre, forty minutes from Bergamo.

We left Ponte Nossa from Ramello Park near the Serio River and arrived at the historic center of Parre at about 650 meters above sea level, walking along the mule track.

We walked through the village, and arrived at Campella Street. At this point you can choose two different routes to get to Mount Alino and the Giant Bench: the paved road or the mule track through the forest.

We opted for the longer route on paved road. Arriving at the Church of St. Anthony of Mount Alino, we got off the rented e-bikes to enjoy a glimpse of a breathtaking view.

From that point at an altitude of about 900 meters it is possible to see the neighboring villages. One of the 100 Giant Benches is also located at the Mount Alino Church.

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