Discovering the Seriana Valley by e-bike: a scenic route from Ranica to Clusone

A relaxing and suitable cycling experience for all along the banks of the Serio River

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Seriana Valley with an e-bike tour from Ranica to Clusone, a 31-kilometer route that skirts the Serio River and passes through picturesque villages. Whether you are an avid cyclist or just looking for an outdoor activity with the family, this itinerary is perfect for you.

An accessible and safe route

The Val Seriana bike path is the undisputed queen of bicycle tourism in this valley, and this is the central part of the complete Bergamo-Valbondione route. Suitable for all levels of experience, the track runs on a dedicated track free of car traffic, offering safe and comfortable pedaling.

Between nature, history and culture

From Alzano Lombardo to the Albino border, you can choose between two routes, one on each side of the Serio River. The trail then comes together into a single route, with some short variations possible. You will cross the river on modern steel and wooden bridges, or on old medieval stone bridges that were once abandoned because they were too narrow for cars, but have now been restored and enhanced.

A touch of magic: lighting and green areas

A real gem of this route is the illuminated section between Ranica and Albino, 10 km of light that will allow you to enjoy the view even in the evening hours. Then don’t miss the Serio Park in Alzano Lombardo and Villa di Serio, two green areas connected by loop trails that are ideal for a family ride.

Flexibility and convenience: the TEB tramway

As far as Albino, the Seriana Valley TEB tramway runs parallel to the bicycle path. If you wish to shorten your ride or reach Ranica from the Bergamo station, avoiding the less child-friendly city section, you can comfortably board the tramway with your e-bike (maximum 4 bikes per streetcar).

Useful information

  • Length: 31 km
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Fund: asphalt and dirt
  • Suitable for: e-bikes, bicycles, families with children
  • Points of interest: Alzano Lombardo Serio Park, Villa di Serio, medieval bridges
  • Amenities: TEB tramway (to Albino), picnic areas, refreshment stands
  • Tips: rent an e-bike if you don’t own one, carry water and food, use sunscreen on sunny days.

Live an unforgettable experience discovering Seriana Valley by e-bike!

This e-bike tour from Ranica to Clusone will captivate you with its enchanting landscapes and relaxing atmosphere. Pedal surrounded by nature, discover fascinating villages and have a unique experience in the heart of the Seriana Valley!