Short-term scooter rental in Bergamo

Noleggio scooter Bergamo

Flexibility and mobility guaranteed with Motorama Rent

Wide range of models: Motorama Rent’s fleet includes scooters of different displacements, from entry-level 50cc models to higher-powered models, capable of meeting the needs of a diverse clientele.

High standards of safety and reliability: All scooters are new and undergo rigorous maintenance checks, guaranteeing the customer maximum safety and reliability during the rental period.

Convenience and flexibility: Motorama Rent offers competitive rates for short-term rentals, adapting to different usage needs, from a simple hour to longer periods.

Personalized service and dedicated support: Motorama Rent’s highly qualified staff is available to provide personalized advice in choosing the model best suited to the customer’s needs, while also offering technical assistance throughout the rental period.

Quick and simplified rental process: Reservations can be made conveniently online or at Motorama Rent’s point of sale in Bergamo. Vehicle pickup and drop-off takes place quickly, providing maximum flexibility for the customer.

Motorama Rent is configured as an ideal partner for:

  • Tourists: Exploring the city and its surroundings on a scooter is a practical and fun way to fully experience Bergamo.
  • Residents: Short-term rental proves to be a flexible solution for temporary mobility needs, such as work trips or escapes from the daily routine.
  • Switches: The scooter is a viable and efficient alternative to public transportation for the home-to-work commute.

In addition to scooter rentals, Motorama Rent offers a full range of integrated services:

  • E-bike and motorcycle rentals
  • Sale of e-bikes, motorcycles and scooters
  • Service and repair
  • Guided e-bike, motorcycle and scooter tours